Its officially winter and we are officially feeling the cold! This ol classic beverage is definitely a winter favourite, sure to warm you up! Give it a try and enjoy one cool, winters night.


Mulled Wine

10 whole cloves

2 whole star anise

2 cinnamon quills

2 bay leaves

1 orange or 2 mandarins, finely sliced

2 cups apple juice

1 cup caster/superfine sugar

1 tsp vanilla extract

2 bottles red wine, such as merlot

½ cup orange liqueur (optional)

Bring all ingredients except wine and liqueur to a simmer in a large pot, stirring until sugar has dissolved (about 15 minutes).

Add wine and liqueur, reduce heat to low and allow to warm through without boiling (5-10 minutes). Strain off fruit, spices and bay leaves if desired, or leave them in the mix. Serve hot and enjoy!


A lot of people don’t like ordering a wine they can’t pronounce, in case of looking silly or appear to lack wine knowledge, so we thought we would pick out one of those hard to pronounce wines, which is actually one of our favourites right now. The Campo Viejo Tempranillo from Spain. Tempranillo is pronounced ‘tem prah NEE yoh’. It’s not as scary as it looks, make sure you give it a go next time your in and if you like a nice flavoursome red, you will not be disappointed.

The winery Campo Viejo, where this wine comes from in La Rioja, Spain where all the head wine makers are woman (interesting side note), is dedicated to Rioja winemaking and they make their wines to be the most vibrant expression of the grapes they are made from. They opened it’s doors in 2001 and have worked to achieve a harmonious balance between winemaking, architecture and sustainability. These elements have come together to create a winemaking temple that remains on the cutting edge of the international wine industry today. You can visit the winery if your heading that way soon, they have events, tastings, food pairing - the list is endless and the website is fantastic.

They have many varietals available but our favourite right now is the Tempranillo. The tasting notes of this wine are

Nose is rich in aromas and pronounced in intensity. We are struck by the ripe red fruit, later we get the wood nuances with gently sweet notes of vanilla to finish with other sweet spices.On the palate it is perfumed, soft and fresh with a long finish that leaves memories of red fruit, vanilla and cocoa.

If this sounds like a bit of you, then this wine is best enjoyed with pasta, poultry and fresh light cheeses, grilled chicken and grilled vegetables.

Definitely worth checking out, and if you cant remember how to pronounce it, you can always point to it on the menu! Enjoy!



Well as you can see this June, our team member of the month is Brad Pitt. Well, at least it’s a photo of Brad Pitt because our actual team member of the month ‘Ben’, is not one to have his photo taken. Although just as gorgeous as Brad, our Ben is a little younger.

Ben is tucked away out the back and officially is the ADT ‘dish hand’. However, Ben’s role is ever expanding. He is such a huge part of the kitchen team, always prepared to get stuck in and help out where he can. With everything from the obvious to food prep and handy man jobs around the place. Ben is always one to put up his hand to help. Its such a pleasure working with people like this and it’s a great way for team members to learn and develop their skills, as with any role, there’s always room to grow.

He’s an absolute pleasure to have on the team and we are grateful to have people like this alongside us on our journey at All Day Trader.